Choosing a coach is not a decision you should take lightly. It’s a big investment of time, energy, attention and of course money. It’s not like choosing a friend where connection, reliability and shared interests are your only criteria. Those things a pretty easy to measure even if done unconsciously.

When it comes to choosing a coach you will probably want the above to be present but we can easily make the mistake of ONLY filtering by the above. I can’t tell you what to look for but I can tell you what I will and won’t do so that you can decide now if you want to take the next step in starting a conversation with me.

  • I will challenge you with powerful questions and continue to bring you back to them in order to create more clarity.
  • I will expect you to create a firm commitment to the work from at the beginning or our work and remind you of that commitment each time you drift away or become distracted.
  • I will support you to systematically create more clarity, direction, focus and strategy in your life in each and every session.
  • I won’t tell you to man up, suck it up or otherwise try harder in a bid to force you to remain aligned with your goals.
  • I won’t tell you cheer up, be more positive or attempt to use any other pop psychology ideas to motivate you to take action so that I can have a great testimonial.
  • I won’t chasing you belittle you or otherwise hold you accountable. You are an adult and do not need to be shamed, blamed, threatened or nursed in to achieving your goals.

“Ed is a super performance coach. We started collaborating, in a period of stress for me, where I needed some tools to fix it and get into the right mindset. Now a couple of months later, I’ve got the right toolbox I needed and is something I’ll take with me the rest of my life. I Highly recommend Ed, who in his approach works with the entire neuro part, which is where it all starts and ends.”

— Rasmus Pajbjerg Entrepreneur @Bettingfamily.com


““This year has been absolutely wild for our company and its growth. Ed gave me a bunch of tools that were invaluable in making good decisions while under a mountain of pressure. He also didn’t murder me every time I was late or forgot an appointment. Which helps. Couldn’t recommend his whole day sessions enough.” ”

— Ian Moore COO Empirical Spirits


““It has always been a challenge to balance a busy work and family life with a sufficient fitness schedule. Over the past three months, Ed has shown me how to effectively overcome this challenge, and the results have far exceeded what I have ever achieved.”

— Claus Rydkjær Leadership | Business Strategy | Growth | Intrapreneuring | Innovation | Digital | Transformation | Turnaround | Change


““ There are a few defined moments through out my career, where I feel I have felt a rapid progression in my ability to perform at a high level. The head space and mindset that I developed while working with Ed, will definitely go down as one of those moments of progression.””

— Matt Orlando Head Chef/Owner @ AMASS Restaurant and Broaden and Build



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