Passionate and renowned for her expertise in Personal & Professional Development, Linda Pallien is a World Class Coach.

Over the last decade, Linda has earned an impressive track record in training clients worldwide to exceed their personal and professional goals. She consults on the subject and hosts an International Radio Show on Careers in London. As a dedicated cheerleader of others, she is affectionately known in the industry as “MyCheerLinda”. Linda believes that people are unique, multi-talented and multifaceted. Her latest TEDx talk in San Francisco encourages people to seek and leverage the inner genius.

As a serial entrepreneur, her businesses Career and Mindset Ltd, NaturaLinda Ltd and Alpha Women Club are aimed at personal and professional empowerment. The goal is to foster self-awareness, authentically live one’s best life and builds a strong personal brand.

Described as a visionary thinker, Linda is best known for developing the “How to C.A.R.E.E.R” system of integrating mindset and consciousness into careers. This is now a bestselling book available on Amazon. Linda was awarded the Diana Princess of Wales award for her compassion and influence in transforming the lives of others.


Linda is a Ghanian-British powerhouse woman with a strong passion for people, different places and different cultures. She’s lived in Ghana, the UK, France, China, and now Cyprus, and speaks English, French, Twi and Chinese.
She loves to express her multitude of cultures and experiences through poetry, singing, dancing, jewelry creation, skincare, and outfit styling, as can be seen through her brands.Alongside her brands, she likes to enjoy her life fabulously through brunch dates, walks on the beach, champagne with the ladies, dressing up for burlesque, doing it all with confidence and a great sense of humor. Her idols include Oprah, Michelle Obama, and her personal favorite, Audrey Hepburn. Linda embodies self-empowerment, authenticity, integrity and positivity.

Livin la vida Linda 

Favourite Colour : Turquoise 

Favourite Animal: Cat

Favourite Flowers : Lillies & Tulips

Favourite Food: Macarons

Favourite word: Fabulous

Favourite place : Mexico